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ixDownload's new OCR resource clears up the OCR software market

(Bellevue, April 5 2011) Picking an OCR software package can be a confusing ordeal. While many printer packages ship with OCR packages, most of these are underpowered, watered down, or just incompatible with the depth, scale, and range of many OCR software users., the Internet…

Read more's Internet Security Software Resource helps combat user ignorance of Internet threats

(Bellevue, March 24) Every year, countless hours are wasted and innumerable headaches generated when the threats the Internet pose become fearsome reality. Pat yourself on the back if you haven't seen hours', days', even weeks' worth of hard work up in smoke due to a virus infection. Count y…

Read more exposes the myth behind All In One Security Software

(Bellevue, March 18) When it comes to network and computer security, computer users are often caught between the need to have the latest and best protection against threats and convenience. "There is only so much time in a day an IT department or individual user can devote to installing, maint…

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