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ixDownload's new OCR resource clears up the OCR software market

(Bellevue, April 5 2011) Picking an OCR software package can be a confusing ordeal. While many printer packages ship with OCR packages, most of these are underpowered, watered down, or just incompatible with the depth, scale, and range of many OCR software users., the Internet's leading authority on software downloads, software guides, and technology issues, has released a definitive guide for consumers of OCR software. The guide, a clear product of's user needs-centered orientation, steers consumers through the tangled mass of issues facing many OCR software packages.

"Our goal is to arm the consumer with the necessary questions to ask so they can competently compare OCR software packages free of the hype, confusion, and misinformation out there," says principal Oliver Thompson. There are many myths surrounding OCR software and these have generated a lot of confusion in the minds of buyers. One particularly powerful myth is that if a software package ships with the scanner you buy, it is the right package for that particular scanner. "This is a particularly bad myth because it often means scanner buyers don't get the full range of features their scanners are capable of. In a sense, its like buying a Porsche Carrera but you only drive it at 35 miles per hour," says Thompson.'s guide lets consumers pick out OCR software that can truly unlock the potential of a good scanner by focusing on features above and beyond scanning conversion—the most important being accuracy. "The blunt truth is that the OCR package your scanner shipped with might be incapable of matching your scanner's scanning ability with the high level of accuracy and conversion it deserves," says Thompson.'s OCR software guide frees consumers from the restrictions of using the possibly underpowered conversion software their scanner shipped with. "Our guide also trains the consumer's eyes on other key functions in the scanning process—document formating, supported save formats, ease of use, and other crucial considrations," says Thompson. OCR conversion of documents from hard copy to soft copy doesn't just stop at conversion—it also involves being able to edit the final document as well as being able to accurately convert non-text elements into editable format.

"'s guide covers the most important factors involved in purchasing OCR software. Our guide ensures that you get full value for your purchased hardware as well as protecting you from obsolecense and hidden costs", says Thompson.


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