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Under Construction's Internet Security Software Resource helps combat user ignorance of Internet threats

(Bellevue, March 24) Every year, countless hours are wasted and innumerable headaches generated when the threats the Internet pose become fearsome reality. Pat yourself on the back if you haven't seen hours', days', even weeks' worth of hard work up in smoke due to a virus infection. Count yourself lucky if your Internet connection hasn't been destroyed due to a spyware application's deletion or reconfiguration of your network device drivers. Breathe a sigh of relief if your credit card information hasn't been stolen by fake financial sites. These are just some of the sad scenarios that face Internet users from all corners of the globe, 24 hours, 7 days a week. "Unfortunately, the solution isn't very obvious or very intuitive," says Oliver Thompson of, the Internet's leading software review and resource guide. "Differing users have differing situations. What works for an engineer might not work or be as convenient for a housewife or student. And vise-versea. The right Internet Security Software solution must take into consideration the particular needs and situation of the prospective user. That's why there's no 'one size fits all' solution," Thompson adds.

Given this reality and in light of the massive financial, productivity, and mental damage Internet-borne threats can inflict, has released a resource for internet Security Software that helps individual users make informed decisions based on their particular needs. "We focus on considerations not a pre-packaged 'off the shelf' types of answers. This approach helps individual users pick the best solution for their particular situation. They remain fully in charge of the decision making process instead of having a pushy salesman impose a solution on them. Since they are the most aware of their particular needs, all solutions must come from their own individual decision making and consideration," notes Thompson. Using this methodology, ixDownload.Com aims to help Internet users avoid the perils posed by the Internet and enjoy its benefits more fully.


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ixDownload is a highly reliable source of software downloading guides, tips, and information on the web today. Ixdownload also provides quick access to different products on their site to download software. This software review website guide aims to provide assistance to software customers and users, so they can make smart choices, whether in the download of trial products or making actual software purchases. Those who are planning to purchase ESET Smart Security by ESET, LLC may check out the buying guide and downloading tips on the site. Now, software buyers can easily check which systems are best suited for their designing and creative needs, just by checking out reviews and information published on Ixdownload.

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